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Top 5 Required Skills
1.?? Knowledge, theoretical or experience, in at least one wireless communication technology, including but not limited to 5G, NR, LTE, or WiFi, ?
2.??? Knowledge in at least one of the following: Radio Frequency, Data Protocols, TCP/IP, VoLTE, VoNR, IMS, SIP, MIMO, Beam forming, Modulation techniques and/or Fading, mmWave, ENDC, Sub6, LTE and NR handover and mobility, ePDG, 5GC and EPC architecture and protocols.
3.??? Experience in at least one of the following: Python, Java, C, C++, C#, Protobuf, and/or Github
4.??? Ability to work productively in a team environment
5.?? Excellent communication skills, written and verbal.


Required Education:.?

* Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Science, or related field

Required Years of Experience:


Physical Requirements (Lifting, outdoor work, travel): No
Driving Requirements: Please complete below:?
Are their driving responsibilities no matter how minimal with this role????? None

Key Words:??

Job Description:

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
• Focuses and completes work in a timely manner.
• Understands basic features of the system.
• Collects basic information (e.g., logs, requirements) and identifies common errors related to systems testing.
• Collaborates with individuals inside own team to complete the team's work.
• Conducts log analyses to identify where an issue has occurred.
• Gathers, integrates, and interprets information from a variety of sources in order to troubleshoot issues.
• Assists with verifying that proposed solutions to identified issues accurately address and correct the problem.
• Detects bugs in the “system under test” and resolves issues using basic debugging approaches.
• Adapts to minor changes and setbacks in order to manage pressure and meet deadlines.
• Manages individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables with close supervision.
• Communicates feedback about identified feature issues to software and systems teams.
• Regularly discusses testing problems with manager and peers to maintain open communication.
• Conducts basic field or lab tests as directed by tech leads.
• Makes simple decisions as it pertains to basic feature issues associated with systems testing and follows up with tech lead if requirements are unclear/ambiguous.
• Communicates with tech leads on a project in order to verify the accuracy as well as adequate running time.
• Seeks opinions of others within own team about ways in which a problem can be addressed differently.
• Writes functional tests for features to ensure functionality.

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