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Job Id: 1030

Job Description: Top 5 Required Skills
1. Product Reliability Test knowledge (HTOL, ESD, Latch-up, MSL, Temperature cycle, bias HAST, HTS)
2. HTOL hardware design and script bring up- verification.
3. PMIC ESD and latch-up setup experience
4. Burn-in oven (MCC, INCAL experience)
5. Fab and assembly process knowledge

Technologies (systems, tool, hardware, software that would be good to find on resume)
• Incal systems HWs and software experience
• Scripts/vector debug

Specific Keywords (systems, experience, anything that would be good to find on resume)
• Product reliability
• Latch-up
• Temperature cycle
• bias HAST
• HTS (High Temperature storage)

Education Requirement
• Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering or higher, with Semiconductor Device Physics and VLSI design experience

Minimum years of Experience Required
• MUST HAVE 2 years' experience generating device qualification plans, performing reliability risk assessment as well as device level failure analysis.
• MUST HAVE 4+ years experience with EIA/JEDEC/AEC standards for device qualification and test methods
• MUST HAVE 5 years experience supporting reliability evaluation on Digital/RF products (micro-processor, network processor with embedded memory

Job Overview – Principal Duties and Responsibilities
Successful candidate will be tasked for Product, Package reliability test tracking; reliability database, data analysis and summarization on a regular basis for commercial, industrial and/or automotive application Product reliability evaluation/qualification/monitor planning, execution and tracking for on-schedule product launch/monitor support Customer product reliability requirements database creation and management.

Additional Skills:
• Strong IT/database experience/ skills Familiar with CMOS as well as Mixed Signal and RF/Analog circuit reliability stress techniques including HTOL, ESD and Latch-up.
• Knowledge of device physics, IC fabrication, packaging technology and automotive (e.g. AEC-Q100) reliability qualification criteria

Physical Requirements (maximum push, pull, lift weight limits in lbs.)
• List of requirements? (list out or state none)) n/a
• Max lbs.: n/a

Driving Requirements
• Are there driving responsibilities no matter how minimal with this role? n/a
• If yes, how many hours per week? 0

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