Youth Support Worker 1st Shift

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Job Id: 236158

Day and Evening Shifts: 7am-3pm 3pm-11:00 pm $25.00 hourly rate

Night Shift: 11:00pm-7:00am $27.00 hourly rate


Maintain coverage and safety at site provide support in various areas as needed.




  1. Maintain service documentation data collection and contract compliance of records as required.

  2. Communicate care coordination information and events through utilization of communication logs and debriefs to staff.

  3. Create and foster positive community youth development.

  4. Maintain a positive and safe atmosphere in the milieu.

  5. Provide first aid in minor emergencies. Assist in securing medical services for serious problems.

  6. Provide crisis intervention on telephone and in person during all working hours.

  7. Maintain consistent communication with partners.

  8. Maintain consistent rules structure and consequences according to program’s policy and procedures.

  9. Encourage service-partners’ personal hygiene and assist with teaching this independent living skill.

  10. Support and monitor snack and meal times.

  11. Ensure completion of chores by service-partners and assist with teaching this independent living skill.

  12. Accompany minors to hospital and stay as the supervisor of minor at hospital until discharge.

  13. Facilitate engaging recreational and educational groups and outings.

  14. Link refer and advocate with appropriate agencies/support services for individual service-partners when appropriate.

  15. Maintain positive relationships with community including law enforcement child welfare services schools neighbors and service providers.

  16. Maintain confidentiality and privacy standards of service-partner protected health information and other applicable information and material in accordance to agency and center polices and applicable regulations and laws including HIPAA.

  17. Participate in implementing agency's resource development plan as appropriate.

  18. Sort and put away donations as necessary.

  19. Maintain warm welcoming milieu and facilities.

  20. Maintain a working knowledge of MIS equipment.

  21. As other duties assigned.



Qualifications: Able to work with unaccompanied minors homeless runaway and exploited youth. Experience working in a residential setting. Able to work in a very diverse setting with people of all backgrounds culture and sexual orientation. Experience working in a residential setting. Must be willing to develop or possess working knowledge of trauma-informed care. Bilingual Spanish-English speaking helpful. Able to lift and carry 25 lbs. Able to be cleared to drive own vehicle & agency vehicle (if applicable) and have valid driver’s license. Willing to go through clearance process (Hire is pending the results of appropriate clearances). Available to work evenings overnight weekends and holidays. First Aid and CPR Certified.

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