Plumbing Assembler

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Job Id: 258296

Shift: 6:00am – 2:30pm

Pay rate: $20

Duration: Temp

Department Description: The plumbing harness assembled in the Plumbing Sub-Assembly Department is installed in the spa shell and pressure tested before it leaves the department.[image]

Tools used: Long Nose Pliers Pruners Corona Hose Cutters Utility Knife Scissors Daubers Large and Small Flex and Vinyl Hose Cutting Machine. Crock Pot Pneumatic machines to open clamps and close clamps Open close wrench Thumbwheel ratchets Air Pressure Gauges Use of compress air with an attached OSHA approved air gun to clean debris off spas and to add air to air pressure gauges Calibrated Torque Wrench.

Chemicals used: Hot Cement PVC Cement ABS PVC Primer Pipe Joint Lubricant and WD-40.

Safety Equipment used: Safety Glasses Surgical Gloves Playtex Gloves Cotton Gloves Sleeves and Coveralls.

[image]Department Considerations: This is a moving line it moves every 4.33 seconds depends on production. Needs to stand and bend for long periods of time up to 9 hours. Must do quality inspections while assembling LED lights and/or attaching LED Harnesses on to the Spas. Must be able to do some subassembly work on the LED lights Ozone Injector and or Flex and Vinyl hoses. Must do inspection checks on every Spa that comes off the line and help prep them for the next department. Primer and glue are used in this department. Wiliness to cross training. The ability to follow verbal and written instructions including visual aids and or samples. Must be well eye-hand coordinated. Attention to detail. Quick Learner.

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