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Top 5 Required Skills
1. 5 or more years of experience in applying AI and machine learning techniques to practical and comprehensive technology solutions.
2. Expert in ML, deep learning, TensorFlow, Python, NLP and Transformer architecture.
3. Experience in deploying LLMs, embedding model/sentence transformers in production use cases.
4. Thorough knowledge in basic algorithms, object-oriented and functional design principles, and best-practice patterns
5. Experience in REST API development, NoSQL database design, and RDBMS design.

• Python
• AI

• Embedding
• design

Education Requirement
• BA in Computer Science or related field. (Master's Degree preferred)

Required Years of Experience
• 5+ years

Physical Requirements
• Push Max Weight Limit = 5-10lbs.
• Pull Max Weight Limit = 5-10lbs.
• Lift Max Weight Limit = 5-10lbs.
• Forklift Required (Y/N): N

Driving Requirements
• Are there driving responsibilities no matter how minimal with this role? No
• (If Yes)How many hours per week? n/a

Principal Duties & Responsibilities
• Work on functional design, process design (including scenario design, flow mapping), prototyping, testing, training, and defining support procedures, in collaboration with an advanced engineering team and executive leadership.
• Experience in fine-tuning a large language model using custom content (documents, data, code).
• Articulate and document the solutions architecture and lessons learned for each exploration and accelerated incubation.
• Serve as liaison between stakeholders and project teams, delivering feedback and enabling team members to make necessary changes in product performance or presentation.
Experience in implementing projects involving end to end ML/NLP systems from development to deployment.
• Experience with relevant machine learning/deep learning frameworks such as Pytorch
• Experience working in a distributed team and communicating across geographic boundaries
• Experience with cloud environments
• Working knowledge of Rust is a plus.

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