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Top 5 Required Skills
1. Post-Si Validation methodologies & understanding SOC concepts such as DDR, clocks & PMIC
2. Familiarity with lab equipment such as thermal chambers & their applications in post-silicon validation
3. Lab HW resource management/logistics
4. IT Skills – PCs, SW configurations
5. Automation
6. Quick learning & strong communication skills

1. Compiler tool chain for embedded SW (like LLVM or GCC)
2. Familiarity with JTAG/T32
3. Workflow automation (like Jenkins)
4. SW development & scripting (Python and some other technologies used for web-based automation, like Flask or JS or Groovy for Jenkins)
5. BI/dashboarding tools like Splunk/SQL/Database
6. Documentation & Ticketing workflow Xls, ppt, Jira, SharePoint, Confluence

Key Words
– Validation, post-silicon, emulation, python, Jenkins, SQL, Splunk, GCC, LLVM, Jira, C/C++, IP, CPU, GPU, DDR

Required Education:
· B.S. in Computer Engineering or equivalent

Physical Requirements
• Push Max Weight Limit = 15-20
• Pull Max Weight Limit = 15-20
• Lift Max Weight Limit = 15-20
• Forklift Required (Y/N): N

Driving Requirements:
Are their driving responsibilities no matter how minimal with this role?
– May have to drive between campus buildings using personal vehicle or Qualcomm shuttle to carry lab Hardware

If yes, how many hours of driving per week?
< 2 hrs. per week

Job Description:
We are seeking an enthusiastic & detail-oriented engineer & problem solver to be a part of our post-silicon validation team. Our team is part of the central SoC digital hardware organization responsible for the overall quality of the SoC silicon. We work closely with architects, designers, verification engineers, software engineers, and customers. Our goal is to make best quality of Silicon available to customers using a rigorous validation approach that is automated, efficient & scalable.

We are seeking to add an experienced and versatile engineer to our team, to execute & streamline our validation processes. To fit this role, you should have hands on experience with post-silicon validation, automation and excellent problem-solving & communication skills. Job responsibilities include:

· Manage recurring High Volume Validation tasks such as nightly regressions
· Provide Lab support for HW configuration management & logistics
· Manage jobs for robotic handlers
· Lab IT activities
· Develop automation solutions for operations and to scale SOC validation and integration activities.
· Drive new initiatives in validation
· Create automation to scale validation processes for robustness & efficiency
· Comprehend & refine processes by interacting with Project managers, leads, users & software engineers. Create end-to-end automation requirements & solutions.
· Formalize and document validation processes (inputs, flowchart, outputs, dashboards) working with stakeholders & publish results.
· Attend periodic team meetings & ad hoc brainstorming sessions
· Manage lab infrastructure challenges
· Customer support

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