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Job Id: 257704

Job Title: Administrative Assistant Department Support Assistant

Location: Santa Clara CA Onsite
Schedule: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm PST
Duration: 3 months (based on performance and business need)
Pay: $28 – $35 per/hour

Position Summary:
Administrative Assistant Department Support Assistant will be responsible for handling administrative support tasks for the assigned department. This is an in-person position in Santa Clara CA.



  • Office daily support:

    • Acquiring/organizing office supplies needed

    • Supporting team with company/office resource Q&A

    • Travel/reimbursement support

    • Team meeting support and home-office support

  • Plan and organize team events

    • Typically two times (summer and Christmas) a year at the site level

    • Small events at the group level for the Santa Clara local team

  • New hire support including support for local hiring managers and new hire ramping up logistics etc.

  • Good communication skills (both written and oral) and professional ethics are strongly desired for the position.

  • This position requires a good convincing experience of department (50+ people size) within this or in the other companies.



  • Bachelor's degree. Or an Associate's degree and 2+ years of Department Support Assistant or related work experience. Or a High School diploma or equivalent but must have at least 4+ years of Department Support Assistant or related work experience

  • 2 or 4 years depending on Education



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